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The scan surface is an 8. But the scanner can handle more than prints. Several frames of film can be scanned at once to speed up the process, and the software will automatically detect and separate the individual frames. For the most discerning photographers, the V offers a wet-mount scanning solution that holds film perfectly flat, sandwiched between two glass plates.

This ensures the focus remains tack sharp across the entire piece of film, which otherwise can vary slightly from the center to the edge as the film naturally bends. Color print scans can be finished in around 12 seconds, while a 35mm negative scans in just under a minute. The included software boosts efficiency even further, using Digital ICE technology to automatically remove dust, scratches, hair and fingerprints.

Best Photo Scanner for Mac

The downside? Why you should buy this: High-resolution print and film scans — without breaking the bank. Still suffering from sticker shock over the V? The Epson Perfection V wraps up some of the best features from the high-end model at a quarter of the price. Boasting the same 6, x 9, maximum resolution and bit color depth as the V, the V offers high-quality scans without the steep pro-level price point.

The V tackles both photos and film, accommodating 35mm as well as some medium format sizes. The transparency unit is built-in for easily accommodating the film.

Best Photo Scanner for Mac

Digital ICE software, which removes imperfections such as dust and scratches automatically, is also included. However, the V is not compatible with the wet-mount plate of the V SilverFast Blog. Version Feed. SilverFast 8 - List of supported scanners. All rights reserved. A complete package for archiving slides, negatives and photos: SilverFast Archive Suite 8.

5 Best Photo Scanners in 12222:

SilverFast thus offers a dual interface for basic and expert settings which meets all expectations, as well as helpful QuickTime movies visualizing the use of the software. SilverFast is available for Mac and Windows and is usable as a stand-alone software, as well as a Photoshop plug-in.

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This may even include the infrared channel for later dust and scratch removal. SilverFast 8 includes a variety of powerful features, some are patented, many are worldwide unique. Find out more about the SilverFast Feature Highlights. He's showing us without really saying it, that anyone can do this, you don't need years of experience. I am not an expert in scanning methodology. I am just an average guy with some hardware and a personal project in search of a solution. Just trying to find an acceptable solution.

Now, if you weren't able catch some of the specifics while watching, let me fill you in with some of the important details. Steven is scanning his paper prints using two flatbed scanners. From the best that I can tell, Epson released this scanner around It has since been discontinued.

You will be hard pressed to find one outside of a professional photography supply store and major online stores like Amazon. Most people who haven't stepped up to a third-party professional scanning application like VueScan elect to use the scanning software that comes bundled with the scanner.

I have Epson Scan 3. I am using OS So Image Capture was my fall back software. Image Capture uses a two pass system. The first pass is an overview where it tries to recognize the individual pictures. If the picture segmentation is good, I just click scan and it automatically scans each picture and dumps it into a folder that I have selected. Occasionally, I have to manually adjust the automatic picture recognition.

Generally rotated pictures are captured properly removing the image rotation. Steven's scanning workflow inside of Image Capture. I put as many pictures on the scanner as will fit. Typically it is , but sometime it is one or 6. While one scanner is scanning, I am loading and starting the second scanner. That translates to a significant reduction in time waiting for the scanner to finish. I am not sure whether I would benefit significantly with a 3rd scanner unless I had another person manning it.

Because the Artesian is unable to scan slides or negatives, he couldn't use the 2-scanner setup to scan his 11, slide collection. However, he could have used just his Epson with the built-in transparency unit. Instead, he was fortunate enough to have a step-son who wanted to lend him a dedicated slide scanner that was faster than any flatbed would be. It's a short read but still long enough to detail the whole process from scanning, his choice of image managers to organize his collection in, and what type of archival containers he bought to put his slides in for long-term storage.

While doing anything that seems tedious, in only half the time, sounds like a no-brainer, there are reasons you may not want to pursue such a setup. Here are a few of the pros and cons I came up with if you are considering doing this yourself. So what do you think — is your time precious enough that you would consider trying out this workflow? Or do you think it would cause more problems for you than it would benefit you? Steven and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

And Steven has agreed to stop by and answer any questions you might have for him. So ask away — don't be shy! Now, check for an email that was just sent to you and CLICK the button inside to confirm your subscription. I had not taken into account increasing efficiency by using two scanners.

Home & Pro Photo Scanners - Epson Australia

My wife is interested in scanning her photography. Canon lide and my photos scanned are coming out original size and not filling out the page as did before. Can someone help me please? First time caller.

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Great material and thanks so much for b logging this for all to benefit. First, I need to decide on a scanner…. The specs seem pretty similar, with a dpi optical resolution, 3. Had you considered the V at all? Or, are there any reasons that you would suggest I stay away from it? Thanks in advance for your help and thanks again for the infinitely helpful website that you have put up. Thi si what take the most time for me when scanning!

Give this a try Steve and let me know how it works out for you. I am scanning into jpeg and wondering if I can just put them into IPhoto instead of a file? IPhote does a good enough job for me for editing. What do you think? I loved watching you work. I just found Image Capture and have an epson Artisan, so I am ready to go.

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Thanks for the wonderful information. Suzanne, I assume you are writing to Steven when you said you loved watching him work. However, if I am understanding you correctly, you are wondering if you can just get them into iPhoto right from your scanner, and bypass the part of the process where you save it as a separate file. So, you will need to first use a piece of scanning software like EpsonScan comes with all Epson scanners or Image Capture comes with all Mac computers and is in your applications folder. Either of these programs have to save a scan as a separate file for ever image you scan.

Then, you can import these photos into iPhoto and store them there where you can do all the editing you would like to them. So, once you import them into iPhoto, you can technically delete the originally scanned image files from your desktop or wherever you have them stored before you import them. Hope this helps Suzanne! Curtis has mentioned this but I kept forgetting: as you scan, label them as negatives or prints with a n or p so that you end up keeping both for later comparison. Makes a huge difference although it does slow you down.

Very well said Argie! Procrastination — Ugh! Clearly, it was to be my lucky day — soooo looking forward to many more visits. Thanks, again. I really appreciate all of that Donna — thank you! All of this digital photo management can really be challenging. You just gotta take it all in baby steps, preferably starting with anything that excites you. Just getting that far may pull you through the process as you then want to see your entire life up on the screen and in a useful order. Curtis- great response regarding getting over the hump of procrastination, and getting some initial momentum.

I had stopped a while back having lost motivation- my husband and I have no kids to pass along such a treasured legacy and I started thinking it was a waste of my time.