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Try this instead: First, place your printer on the dock: Go to the black Apple in the top-left hand corner and select System Preferences.

Batch Print 75+ Different Document Types

Click the Open Print Queue button. The Print Queue box will open and the printer icon will show up on the dock. Click and hold down the mouse button on the printer icon in the dock.

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A menu pops up. Choose Options and Keep In Dock. Close the Print Queue box and close System Preferences. The printer icon should remain on the dock. You are ready to print the contents of a folder: Go to the Finder. Select any folder.

Print Setup

Click and drag it onto the printer icon in the dock. The printer icon bounces and a print dialog box opens with a preview of the folder content list. You can print this document or save it as a PDF file.

The printout shows the file name, size and the date and time the file was last opened. It will also list several files that are not visible to users. This is normal.

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If you need to edit the data: Save the folder content list as a PDF. Double-click the PDF.

How To… Print The Contents Of A Folder On The Mac

It opens in Preview. Click and drag to select all of text. Use the shortcut Command C for copy. Use the shortcut Command V for paste. You can now edit the text and save this document as a txt file or a PDF. If you have questions, please use the Comments section below. Pete on May 6, at am. Kitty on September 30, at am.

How to Print Multiple Docs Without Opening Each on a Mac

And thank you from me too — this is a really helpful tip. Anet on December 31, at pm.

How to Print Multiple PDF Files Without Opening Each One |

Thanks — Great post, it worked!!! John Carroll on January 1, at am. Glad I could help. Have a great New Year.

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Top 8 PDF Printers for Mac

More from the IDG Network. Look to the Printers list and select the printer you want to use. You should see the icon for that printer appear in your Dock. Quit System Preferences. Now select all the shared printers in your office you use — click the first one, then hold down Command while you select additional ones. Click Create Printer Pool , give it a name.