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  1. Safari - Apple (JO)
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Safari - Apple (JO)

No matter which browser you use, they're all pretty darn fast. But if you want to be running the fastest browser on your Mac, run Chrome. Speed is only one aspect of web browsing, and given that there isn't a huge difference in performance between the top web browsers, there may be better metrics that you can use in order to judge which is the best web browser for you.

Web Browser for Mac

For example, a lot of people prefer Google Chrome to the competition because of the power that extensions give them. But anther thing that mobile workers using laptops should consider is power consumption. Power is no problem if you're sitting at a desktop system connected to the power outlet, but for laptop users who need to get as much done on in a day while on battery power, it can be a real problem.

While I didn't carry out specific battery tests this time around, I have noticed in day-to-day use that while Google Chrome is fast, it's also a massive power hog, while Safari is by far the most well behaved browser in terms of battery longevity. When I'm out and about and notice my battery is getting low I usually switch to Safari and find I get significantly better by that I mean a noticeable increase in battery life.

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5. High Performance Rendering Engine

The Browsers The four most popular Mac browsers are included in our benchmark testing, along with Safari Technology Preview STP , a browser in beta form designed to showcase new technology that will likely make its way into Safari at some future date. It was first released in , and made use of the WebKit rendering engine, the same one used by Safari. In , the Chromium project was announced; it included the new Blink rendering engine. Blink was a fork of the WebKit code, and since the two have parted ways, each rendering engine has seen a frantic pace in its development.

Firefox can trace its heritage back to Netscape Navigator, one of the first widely available web browsers. Firefox may have a long history, but it is, in all respects, a modern browser. Opera: Another browser that can follow its heritage back into the dim beginnings of the world wide web. The Benchmarks In choosing benchmarks for measuring the performance of a web browser, two aspects jump out as the most important: how quickly and how accurately a browser can display a web page.

The rendering engine is concerned with interpreting the HTML elements and CSS styles, as well as the graphics primitives used to display the web page. JavaScript is the language used by web developers to bring a static page to life, and to build web apps. It rewards browsers that initialize quickly, and that are able to optimize code segments that are used repeatedly. The Basic sub-test runs a number of Basic programs, including finding prime numbers. Babylon is a test of the Babel JavaScript transpiler. The sub-test runs the Babylon parser on four different JavaScript sources.

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ML builds several feedforward neural networks, training them with sample data sets. The benchmark adds additional elements until the browser fails to display the scene at 60 frames per second. Nine test scenes are performed, each stressing different graphics processes.

We ran MotionMark using the Medium x dimensions appropriate for non-Retina Macs running a browser at full screen, or a Retina Mac using a browser window. Speedometer simulates a user using an interactive web app to make, populate, and manage a To Do list. Speedometer measures the time it takes the browser to execute a number of asynchronous tasks typical for web apps.

If not, the Mac was restarted to free up RAM space.

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Each browser under test had its cache and history cleared before a test was started. Not surprising, since each pair of browsers used similar rendering and JavaScript engines.

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Firefox, on the other hand, uses its own rendering and JavaScript engines, and it can be seen from the results that Firefox needs a bit of work to make it more competitive. Firefox came in last in three of the four benchmarks, and managed a fourth place in the last of our benchmark tests. Here, then, are our results.

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The actual number reported is the geometric mean of all four tests through multiple iterations. Once ARES completed the benchmark runs, Safari Technology Preview came out on top, with Safari coming in second, Chrome taking third, Opera just slightly behind in fourth, and Firefox coming in a distant fifth.

MotionMark MotionMark is primarily a graphics-processing test, and measures how many graphical elements can be displayed at 60 frames per second before the browser fails to keep up with the graphical workload. There are nine separate tests, and the final result is the geometric mean of all of the tests.

The results shifted the order of the browser finish, placing Chrome first, Safari Technology Preview second, Opera third, Safari fourth, and Firefox in a respectable fifth. JetStream divides the tests into two groups, measuring Latency and Throughput. The final results are the geometric mean of all of the tests.

The results saw a minor reorganization of the finish order, with Safari Technology Browser back on top, followed by Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and bringing up the rear, Opera. Since then, Firefox has been upgrading its rendering engine with its newer Quantum technology. The Quantum technology is based on Servo, a new rendering system Firefox has planned for future releases.

Quantum brings the most stable parts of Servo to Firefox today, which should result in better Firefox performance. From our benchmark results, Firefox needs more of Servo to keep up and get ahead of the browser pack. Safari, Chrome, and Opera all looked competitive in the browser benchmarks, indicating that each of the browser developers is putting in a great deal of effort to remain a top choice of users.

All of the browsers in our tests performed well; all were able to complete the benchmarks. When these reviews come out each year, I always find myself testing several of the browsers, each with the 3 or 4 add-ons I need and always come back to Firefox.