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As you might have guessed, the answer is more tradeoffs. Almost every Mac laptop sold today comes with USB Type-C ports that support Thunderbolt 3, but other than a headphone jack, they are the only connectivity options available, which means you'll need an adapter to plug in any device that doesn't have a USB Type-C cable.

Unfortunately, you won't find many Thunderbolt 3-compatible drives on the market currently.

Use external storage devices with Mac

Even some Mac-specific drives are still sold with USB 3. Moreover, the Thunderbolt 3 drives you can buy are constrained by the maximum throughput of the drive itself, rather than the Thunderbolt 3 interface. This means that for now, it's best to include Thunderbolt 3 support in your buying decision only if you're concerned about futureproofing. Drives intended for PCs sometimes come bundled with software that will automatically back up your files to the drive when it's connected, but such software isn't really a consideration for Mac users, who already have an excellent built-in backup option in the form of Time Machine.

About the Author

The first time you plug in an external drive, Time Machine will ask if you want to use it as a backup drive. While you can customize backup options in System Preferences, such as asking Time Machine to exclude certain folders, there's no action required on your part if you're happy with the default settings. The next time you plug in your drive, Time Machine will automatically set to work creating a backup.

WD my Passport external hard drive Set Up Guide for Mac

Unless your drive is never going to leave your home or office, you should also consider its physical durability. Rugged, waterproof drives are a good option not just for surfers and BMX riders, as their marketing seems to suggest, but also for people who are carrying their drives to and from school or work, where they might occasionally get spilled on or dropped on the floor.

Check out our favorite rugged drives. Finally, you might want to consider how the drive will look when it's plugged into your Mac. Some drives come in a variety of colors. Many others feature copious amounts of aluminum and industrial-chic styling to match the design cues of your MacBook or iMac. We've selected a few of our favorite drives for Macs below; for more, check out our main list of best hard drives.

You can also read our full list of hard drive reviews , as well as our top SSDs. Certified waterproof and dustproof. Comes with USB 3. Cons: Warranty limited to two years.

Why a flash drive is not showing up on Mac?

SSD option is still unreleased. Pros: Comes in a variety of large capacities. Three-year warranty.

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Cons: Requires external power adapter. Pros: Slick, faceted design. Solid-feeling aluminum enclosure. Useful LaCie Toolkit software handles backup and restore, as well as mirroring. On-the-mark performance. Cons: A little hefty. Toolkit utility requires a download. It's geared to macOS users, but it will please anyone with an eye for style in their gadgets.

An External Hard Drive Compatible With Both Windows & a Mac | adnaharddis.gq

Pros: Fabric-covered enclosure. Small and light.

Data protected by password and AES hardware encryption. Cons: Fabric cover a bit slippery to grip. Seagate Toolkit a separate download. Plus, a fabric coat adds appeal. Pros: Excellent performance. Includes USB 3. Android-, Mac-, and Windows-compatible. Cons: While a comparable good per-gigabyte value, the drive itself is expensive.

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Covered in a safety orange shell, this hard drive is built to take whatever you can dish out. The LaCie product is drop-, shock- and dust-proof and water-resistant. The design includes a handy way to carry and store the USB cable. I'm a Tech and Productivity guy. Click the little "House" icon below to get to my website where you can submit ideas vi. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin This story was written in collaboration with Forbes Finds. TJ McCue. Click the little "House" icon below to get to my website where you can submit ideas vi I recenlty posted a review of DriveDx from Binary Fruit , and it helped me diagnose not one, but two external drive failures in time to rescue data.

One of the drives had corrupted files and macOS would freeze when trying to access those. But the other, seemingly a little better off, began to unmount itself suddenly. I had to replace both.