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Thanks for the review!

One thing I think is an absolute necessity for the next update, however, is a reworking of how the fill bucket tool functions. Also, having to drag the color swatch from the top right corner is cumbersome. Fill should be its own tool like drawing and erasing.

iPad Screenshots

Another thing to note, many programs have the very useful feature of allowing you to have reference images in a separate window on the screen, so you can see them no matter where you are on the canvas. Would love to see this integrated. And, a final request, please make blending tools stop picking up colors from outside your selected area when you blend.

Hi mondepurple - Thanks for your detailed feedback! We're always happy to hear about how we could improve things, and your ideas can be taken into consideration as we move forward with Procreate. Thanks again for the review! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Click continue and then it takes me to iTunes to sign in. Any ideas? Just works on iPhone as I also tried on iPad air2.

Go to your iPhone and log in. If you already redeemed coupon it may take a few minutes to auto download.

Procreate for Desktop

Go on your desktop and look for it and all of a sudden you will see the icon. Just open as it must have synced while I was searching all over for it as I got a message when I did a search for Procreate Free I noticed I already had it appear on phone. It will not appear on your iPad. Misnomer that it works for both. They have separate downloads for each different which I find odd.

About Jason Tselentis

Offer expired before newsletter issued. This is correct, Procreate is not a universal app which most iOS apps are and that is the cause of confusion. The Apple Store application is required, it is a separate download from the App Store and is not the same as the App Store application. The offer expires on July 28th , unless you are from the future will be valid for a month or unless Apple cancels the offer.

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I clarified the instructions a bit and added a video to demonstrate how to find the download in the Apple Store application, hope that helps everyone! OK I figured out the difference here and why this is confusing to some users. There are two different versions of the app, one is free, the other is not.

The iPad version of Procreate is separate and is apparently not available through the Apple Store app. Procreate Pocket is a watered down, bare minimum free app for iPhone only. The article makes it look like you are getting the full procreate app which is iPad, only but this is not at all the case. I successfully acquired Procreate on my iPhone 6, but when I tried to get it for my iPad Air2 which I clicked redeem…. Is there a way around this? Good drawing app. Just buy the app if you have an iPad Pro. It is well worth it. Probably one of the best apps for Apple pencil too.

Same thing happened to me. Got it installed after all! I am in Canada so many such offers seem to be prejudicial. It does not work if you do not follow the instructions. I have downloaded it on my iPhone, works exactly as described. APple Store app, Stores tab, at the bottom. It is not in the App Store application.

How to Install Procreate Brushes on Your Mac, PC, and iPad

Today is June 29th, the expiration is July 28th as described in the article and as shown in the screenshot. Unless you have a time machine ;. Swipe left on iPhone Upgrade Program picture until you see the Procreate graphic, tap that to download. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Nadia says:. July 10, at am. Pawel says:.

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The ADAs, as they are commonly known, are awarded in a variety of categories which vary from year to year.

For Illustrators, the iPad Pro Is (Almost) an Everyday Computer

Since the physical awards were designed with an Apple logo that glows when touched. The trophy is an aluminum cube, and each side is 3. The cube weighs These new awards were engineered and built by Sparkfactor Design. App of the Year Awards From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.